We photographic artists tend to get preoccupied with our image making, and lose track of things. This self-paced, pre-recorded video workshop teaches you how to use Lightroom to manage your work, without thinking too much about it.

  1. How to pick your version: Classic or Cloud
  2. Why and when to use Lightroom
  3. How to build a new Master Photo Disk with one copy of each unique image in your entire inventory of images!
  4. How spend less time managing your image library, and finding your photos and videos long after you've shot them.
  5. How to edit your images without making copies of the files, and be able to undo your edits at any time.
  6. How to make basic slideshows.
  7. How to make basic websites.
  8. How to soft proof and print your photos.

I'll explain how to select the version of Lightroom CC that's right for you, and then how to use it. The workshop comes on a USB flash drive containing:

Learn at your own pace, and do it when you have the time to focus on Lightroom.The cost is just $20 (plus $1.48 tax, and $3.00 shipping). The video files are too large to download over the internet, so I'll mail (USPS) you a USB flash drive that works on both PC and Mac. CLICK HERE to view a short video clip showing how to open the flash drive. You must have a USA mailing address to purchase this workshop online!